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If you love sleep, you'll love us

Sleepy Vibes is here to make sleeping much more easy and effective. Certain noises cause interrupted sleep, soft, steady sounds on the other hand help to fall asleep. We here at Sleepy Vibes provides all sorts of sleepy waves in the form of low familiar tones , white noise so that you can sleep effectively and happily. You can mix different sleepy waves with your favourite songs and create a perfect sleeping environment.

Sleepy Vibes was started in September 2017. This site was started as a result of combined efforts of #RAGS- Richie Bansal, Aakashdeep Singh, Gautam Goyal & Sagar Chauhan. We here at Sleepy Vibes are passionate about what we are doing. We are always there to appreciate the world and its creation.

-Team Sleepy Vibes


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